Red Stag

Red stag has been introduce into Argentina more than a hundred years ago, the expansion of this specie through Patagonia gave some of the world’s best free-range red stag hunt. The combination of the great food, huge ranches, wild game, makes Argentina a unique red stag destination. 

I several options for red stag hunt, a total of 60 thousand acres of private land just 2 hours driving from San Martin de los Andes city, in the real Patagonia. Hunting land located in middle of the high population of red stags.

What time of year do you hunt red stag in Argentina?

Red stag hunting in Argentina typically occurs during the fall season in the Southern Hemisphere, which is from March to July. This period aligns with the red stag’s rutting season, making it the most popular and effective time for hunting. 

During the rut, also known as the “roaring” season, stags are more active and vocal, which makes them easier to locate. This behaviour is a key aspect of the hunting experience, as hunters often listen for the stag’s distinctive roar to track them. 

The specific peak times within this period can vary based on the region within Argentina and local environmental conditions. It’s always advisable for hunters to check with local outfitters or guides for the best times to hunt in their specific area of interest. Additionally, understanding and respecting local hunting regulations and conservation practices is crucial for anyone planning to participate in such activities.


– The red stags in Argentina were introduced from Europe in the early 20th century, primarily from British and German stock.


– Primary Areas: The best-known area for red stag hunting in Argentina is Patagonia, a region renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. Other notable areas include the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires.


– Terrain: The hunting grounds in Patagonia are diverse, ranging from dense forests and rugged mountains to open plains and valleys.

– Climate: Weather can be quite variable, with colder conditions in the southern regions, especially during the hunting season (fall and winter in the Southern Hemisphere).

Size and Appearance 

The red stags in Argentina are known for their impressive size and antlers, often comparable to those found in New Zealand. They were introduced to Argentina in the early 20th century and have thrived in the wild.


During the rutting season, stags become more active and vocal, which is an essential factor for hunting.

Hunting Style

The most common hunting methods include stalking and glassing. Stalking involves quietly moving through the terrain to approach the stag, while glassing uses binoculars to spot stags from a distance.

Almost all hunting is guided, with experienced local guides leading the expeditions. This ensures ethical hunting practices and adherence to local laws and regulations.

Hunting Season

The red stag hunting season typically runs from March to July, with the peak being during the rut, known as the “Roar,” when stags are more vocal and easier to locate.


Hunters must adhere to Argentine hunting laws, including obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

Additional Aspects

– Hunters often enjoy the rich Argentine culture, including cuisine and local traditions.

– Outfitters usually assist with the preparation and shipping of trophies back to the hunter’s home country.

– Hunting tourism often supports local economies, but it’s essential to choose outfitters who operate ethically and contribute positively to the community.

In summary, red stag hunting in Argentina offers a unique blend of challenging hunting experiences set against the backdrop of the country’s stunning natural landscapes, all while emphasising sustainable and ethical hunting practices.

Extra info: Red stags and elk

Red Stag 

– Size: Red stags vary in size depending on the region. They typically weigh between 350 to 530 pounds (160 to 240 kilograms). 

– Antlers: The antlers of a red stag are also impressive, with mature stags having antlers that can grow quite large and complex.


– Size: Elks, particularly the Rocky Mountain elk found in North America, are larger. Bulls can weigh between 700 to 1100 pounds (320 to 500 kilograms).

– Antlers: Elk antlers are also notable for their size and are among the largest of any deer species. They are generally more massive than those of red stags, with a different configuration.


– Physical Stature: Elks are generally larger and heavier than red stags.

– Antler Size: While both species have large antlers, elk antlers tend to be larger and heavier.

– Geographic Variations: There can be significant size variations within each species based on geographic location and environmental factors.

It’s important to note that the size can vary widely within the species, influenced by environmental conditions, nutrition, and genetic factors. Red stags in Argentina are prized by hunters for their size and the quality of their antlers, making them a significant attraction for hunting enthusiasts.