Dear Hunters,

My name is Lucas O’Farrell, I’ve been guiding and hosting clients for 15 years.

I worked all around Argentina and been traveling to other countries.

Now at days I’m focus on hosting and guiding private groups. A full service from the airport to the lodge, the hunts and way back to the airport. I count with different options for duck hunts, red stag, big game (axis, blackbuck, water buffalo, wild boars). Different options for different hunters request. 

Everything you need or request, I will be assisting you, so you can enjoy and have the best experience in Argentina.


Lucas OFarrell – Hunting Service.

Waterfowl & Big game outfitter. 


Argentina world wide known for the abundance of ducks. We have more than 10 different species of ducks that makes this country a duck paradise for any hunter.

I offer 2 options for duck hunt, one is just 1 hour from the International Airport and the other 4 hours. Both of the places are in the middle of Argentina’s best duck region, which grants non stop action.

Red Stag

Red stag has been introduce into Argentina more than a hundred years ago, the expansion of this specie through Patagonia gave some of the world’s best free-range red stag hunt. The combination of the great food, huge ranches, wild game, makes Argentina a unique red stag destination. 

I offer 2 options for red stag hunt, both 2 hours driving from San Martin de los Andes city, in the real Patagonia. Both places located in middle of the high population of red stags.

Big Game

Axis deer, Blackbuck, Water buffalo, Wild boars free range, just 3:30 from Buenos Aires international Airport, or 2:30 from both of the duck hunting areas. Total free range area with an incredible natural structure, where you have big ponds, islands that provides the perfect environment for all this animals. A nice and simple place for combining duck hunt + big game.  

Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime at Argentina